The blurry shape of things to come

So, finally, after another year of non-activity on this website, things are starting to move again. It all comes along fairly slowly, but still i proceed at a steady pace. What follows is a summary of work in progress.

For starters, my returning readers will have probably noticed that i have totally refurbished the layout of ontoscopy.net.
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On my way to the marketplace

After a very long hiatus from writing, i am getting back on track, starting with this lengthy explanation.

A lot has happened in my personal life the past two years, primarily the discovery of my gender fluidity and the ongoing recovery from serious health issues. I guess a lot of people over the years have wondered what happened to me, why all my artistic endeavors dried up, why i haven’t posted new articles on this website, etc.
Below you can find some answers, and the announcement of my inevitable comeback. For those who are getting worried already, you shouldn’t be. This is a positive story.
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Op weg naar het marktplein

[ Dit is een vrije vertaling van de originele Engelse tekst. To read the original text in english, click here ]

Na een een lange schrijfpauze ben ik terug op dreef aan het raken, met om te beginnen deze lange uitleg.

De voorbije twee jaar is er veel gebeurd in m’n persoonlijke leven, in het bijzonder de ontdekking van m’n gender fluidity en het trage herstel van ernstige gezondheidsproblemen. Waarschijnlijk hebben vele mensen zich de afgelopen jaren afgevraagd wat er met me is gebeurd, waarom er niets artistiek meer naar buiten kwam, waarom ik geen nieuwe artikels heb gepubliceerd op deze website, enzovoort. Continue reading


Creativity of being

Most people associate the word “creativity” solely with artists ( painters, musicians, writers, actors, … ), the “creative segment” of society. Nowadays it is  also widely used in corporate environments, politicians talk about it, schools and academic institutions pretend to promote it, and i am stating that this is a serious reduction of what creativity could be in our lives as a whole.
We barely touch upon the most valuable level of creativity, namely our basic ways of thinking and living.
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A necessary silence

Since there have been no new meditations on this website since April, one might think that the ontoscopy project is bleeding to death. On the contrary, there is new stuff in the pipeline. I have not written anything substantial for a number of reasons, which i shall now point out. Continue reading